1. Grum at Fairlight Club in Vienna

    On October 29 one of our favorite producers and previous Kunk guest, Grum, will be hitting the new Fairlight Club for what promises to be a super fun set. Fairlight started up recently with a night featuring Futurecop and seems to be right up our alley stylistically. Hopefully i’ll also be catching the night in person. Those in the area (including myself) should hit Vienna that night!

  2. Kunk Mix - End of Summer 2011

    Republishing ourselves on Tumblr, for no real reason other than to kick ourselves in the butt. Let’s get things rolling with Kunk’s End of Summer 2011 Mix

    Kunk End of Summer 2011 Mix by kunk

  3. Re-Invigoration

    On account of a variety of factors, not least of which is an upcoming lil’ Kunk appearance on the super awesome Fear of Tigers podcast, we’ll soon be re-animating ourselves in a slightly different format. One which should engender a great post frequency than what we’ve seen lately here at the ole mykunk. So keep your browsers at the ready. In the meantime, here’s a recent remix of the Retro/Grade dudes which caught our fancy, by Gigi D’Agostino… er… Gigi D’Angelos.

    Retro/Grade - Mindfighter (Gigi D’Angelos Euro Mix) by Retro/Grade

  4. 11:48 14th Dec 2010

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    Justin Faust Top 10 for 2010

    Now the following post is one in which the Kunkers have ceded their ‘journalistic integrity’ in order to allow our good friend and Bavarian synth-disco producer extraordinaire, Justin Faust, take over the steering wheel and post his top 10 for 2010. It’s a Kunk exclusive and hopefully will serve as an inspiration point for us to get off our duffs and back on the posting train. So, without further ado — the Justin Bieber Faust Top 10 for 2010! Herr Styler - Snow In Paris
  5. ULTRNX and Saint Pauli

    Some mega-heaviness just came our way via the soundclouds today. Both ULTRNX and Saint Pauli hail from Germany; the latter first popped up on our radar after their mixes for Cryptonites and Dirty Disco Youth last year. Fast forward to now, and this Saint Pauli remix of Rockstr is blowing us away.

    saint pauli

    I guess if it was 2007 i’d call it a ‘banger’, but these days i think you can just call it ‘murder’. Hits you like a hammer. Not much more to say than just have a listen and rock the fuck out.


    ULTRNX - Rockstr (Saint Pauli Remix)

  6. 15:37 8th Sep 2010

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    Tensnake & Treasure Fingers

    So Tensnake has been rocking through Brandon’s posts, and I guessed now that we received a Treasure Fingers remix of “Coma Cat”, it’s time I joined and jumped on the bandwagon. Since summer’s dying, it’s nice to have these tracks that get you ready for club season. Treasure Fingers added some extra disco and pumping to the original tropico-balearia. The main keys are still there but it feels more like a club track than a beach track now. Enjoy another great Treasure Fingers rework. They have so many cool tracks and remixes that I can’t even begin to list it (previous posts). The “Coma Cat” release is out today, you can buy it here.

    At the moment there’s no embed on Soundcloud. In the meantime, just click through the link to the Treasure Fingers’ page.


    Tensnake - Coma Cat (Treasure Fingers remix)

  7. Xinobi & Lazydisco

    Couple days ago, Xinobi sent over his new track. It’s a serious piece of work: it’s creepy and laid-back, it’s Knight Rider and a cheesy horror movie about ghosts, it gives you the funk and the atmosphere. All this at the same time. Brilliant dynamic and the jingling keys and main synths are awesome. “Japanese” has a subtle but really powerful force behind it that seems to want to explode but it doesn’t. It’s a long and intense drive through a haunted forest. The only good comparison would be Danger’s own tracks.

    [soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/xinobi/xinobi-japanese-original-mix[/soundcloud] Xinobi - Japanese The new addition to the Discotexas family, Lazydisco already gave a special treatment to Xinobi’s “Japanese”. His remix has a more hypnotic, less linear and more cyclic feel. It’s like the original on acid. Should call it “lost in the forest remix”. Without a doubt, the Lazydisco is a perfect rework of the original: it sounds the same but for most of us, it’s hard to spot the exact same features. Of course, there are obvious reasons but these two tracks give the impression that they belong together on a deeper level, maybe on a Miyazaki movie soundtrack. So the interesting sameness and interesting differences should be enough to make this new record a must-buy. Out on Beatport and stuff on the 17th of September. [soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/lazydisco/xinobi-japanese-lazydisco-remix[/soundcloud] Xinobi - Japanese (Lazydisco remix)
  8. Human Life

    LA-based Human Life has recently set loose the intriguingly-titled Italo Crimewave, which sounds to me like short documentary following the Crystal Castles duo as they dress up in mafia gear and do dj sets at Sicilian house parties featuring dubious Eddy Huntington tracks. But I digress.

    human life

    In reality the track doesn’t venture far from the aesthetic of its title, and we’re fine with that. It’s a slow unfolding lightly-synthed breath of fresh air, hearkening back to some Moroder-esque soundscape — packed together with some Italian whispers for suspense.

    Human Life also happens to be makers of the original behind one of my favorite remixes of the past months, Grum’s edit of Wherever We Are.  Sharing that one below, too.


    Human Life - Italo Crimewave


    Human Life - Wherever We Are (Grum Remix)

  9. If You Want Me, Let Me Go

    There was only one bigger problem with The xx's debut album last year, namely that there were no danceable songs. I mean of course, their concept is far from dance music but the huge hype and success make fans crave for club stuff, I guess. Kinda proves my point that there are many remixes floating out there, so producers also feel the need to tackle The xx's anti-club atmosphere. Delorean, Andy Murphy, Matthew Dear and Death to the Throne all worked on giving The xx some beat-treatment. The last comptetitors to enter the race is LAZRtag, duo from LA. We’ve been following the guys, although lately we haven’t posted anything by them. They reworked Scanners, Passion Pit, etc, with their signature heavy electro, so they are pretty much on the cutting edge. Their remix of xx’s “Stars” is tastefully done, it’s laid-back and relaxing but also has a dark disco feel. They totally get the spirit of the original with the haunting female-male vocal-dialogue and the loneliness of unique guitars sounds and keys. LAZRtag’s own contribution is great, the subte rises in synth and the drops back to vocals and drums make even the 7 mins exciting.

    [soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/lazrtag/the-xx-stars-lazrtag-remix”]

    The xx - Stars (LAZRtag remix)

  10. You Own My Heart

    I was really really hoping that Portland’s The Thermals return with an awesome album because the previous album, Now We Can See was kinda a disappointment. In September, 2010, they are gonna release Personal Life, their fifth LP. I can’t totally communicate how happy I am that this record turned out to be awesome. The official press release says that, as the title suggests, this album goes to conquer territories that were uncharted by The Thermals: relationships and love. Of course, they had love songs previously, but now, the whole album is about love. It’s a love concept album or something. Well, maybe. I’m just glad that they returned from a bad attempt at punk(pop) that didn’t suit them. What actually suits them is either agressive bursts of energy or dry indie rock-grunge-punk. Their “joyous sillyness” as a Pitchfork review put it can’t really manifest straightforwardly. They are better than that. And Personal Life delivers it. Can’t describe it better but awesome songs, awesome guitars and rythms - and the talent of Hutch Harris shines through: maybe it’s commonplace to say but he can manage to write lyrics and songs that are simple, dry and sound easy but just one glance and listen reveals a great depth. This time it’s about the lovely routine of relationships: the story of slow torture, white lies turning black, silent hopes and silences when you’re staring at the wall, the jealousy that uncovers the greatest loneliness… Stuff like this in 10 songs. The album moves from “I’m gonna change your life” to “You changed my life”. It’s the story of how you and your pride turn into dust in the end and you are left there with nothing to hold on but the other. Fucking worth the listen. The Thermals are one of the few really great bands out there.

    [soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/kunk/the-thermals-never-listen-to-me[/soundcloud] The Thermals - Never Listen to Me