1. You Own My Heart

    I was really really hoping that Portland’s The Thermals return with an awesome album because the previous album, Now We Can See was kinda a disappointment. In September, 2010, they are gonna release Personal Life, their fifth LP. I can’t totally communicate how happy I am that this record turned out to be awesome. The official press release says that, as the title suggests, this album goes to conquer territories that were uncharted by The Thermals: relationships and love. Of course, they had love songs previously, but now, the whole album is about love. It’s a love concept album or something. Well, maybe. I’m just glad that they returned from a bad attempt at punk(pop) that didn’t suit them. What actually suits them is either agressive bursts of energy or dry indie rock-grunge-punk. Their “joyous sillyness” as a Pitchfork review put it can’t really manifest straightforwardly. They are better than that. And Personal Life delivers it. Can’t describe it better but awesome songs, awesome guitars and rythms - and the talent of Hutch Harris shines through: maybe it’s commonplace to say but he can manage to write lyrics and songs that are simple, dry and sound easy but just one glance and listen reveals a great depth. This time it’s about the lovely routine of relationships: the story of slow torture, white lies turning black, silent hopes and silences when you’re staring at the wall, the jealousy that uncovers the greatest loneliness… Stuff like this in 10 songs. The album moves from “I’m gonna change your life” to “You changed my life”. It’s the story of how you and your pride turn into dust in the end and you are left there with nothing to hold on but the other. Fucking worth the listen. The Thermals are one of the few really great bands out there.

    [soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/kunk/the-thermals-never-listen-to-me[/soundcloud] The Thermals - Never Listen to Me