1. If You Want Me, Let Me Go

    There was only one bigger problem with The xx's debut album last year, namely that there were no danceable songs. I mean of course, their concept is far from dance music but the huge hype and success make fans crave for club stuff, I guess. Kinda proves my point that there are many remixes floating out there, so producers also feel the need to tackle The xx's anti-club atmosphere. Delorean, Andy Murphy, Matthew Dear and Death to the Throne all worked on giving The xx some beat-treatment. The last comptetitors to enter the race is LAZRtag, duo from LA. We’ve been following the guys, although lately we haven’t posted anything by them. They reworked Scanners, Passion Pit, etc, with their signature heavy electro, so they are pretty much on the cutting edge. Their remix of xx’s “Stars” is tastefully done, it’s laid-back and relaxing but also has a dark disco feel. They totally get the spirit of the original with the haunting female-male vocal-dialogue and the loneliness of unique guitars sounds and keys. LAZRtag’s own contribution is great, the subte rises in synth and the drops back to vocals and drums make even the 7 mins exciting.

    [soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/lazrtag/the-xx-stars-lazrtag-remix”]

    The xx - Stars (LAZRtag remix)