1. Human Life

    LA-based Human Life has recently set loose the intriguingly-titled Italo Crimewave, which sounds to me like short documentary following the Crystal Castles duo as they dress up in mafia gear and do dj sets at Sicilian house parties featuring dubious Eddy Huntington tracks. But I digress.

    human life

    In reality the track doesn’t venture far from the aesthetic of its title, and we’re fine with that. It’s a slow unfolding lightly-synthed breath of fresh air, hearkening back to some Moroder-esque soundscape — packed together with some Italian whispers for suspense.

    Human Life also happens to be makers of the original behind one of my favorite remixes of the past months, Grum’s edit of Wherever We Are.  Sharing that one below, too.


    Human Life - Italo Crimewave


    Human Life - Wherever We Are (Grum Remix)