1. Xinobi & Lazydisco

    Couple days ago, Xinobi sent over his new track. It’s a serious piece of work: it’s creepy and laid-back, it’s Knight Rider and a cheesy horror movie about ghosts, it gives you the funk and the atmosphere. All this at the same time. Brilliant dynamic and the jingling keys and main synths are awesome. “Japanese” has a subtle but really powerful force behind it that seems to want to explode but it doesn’t. It’s a long and intense drive through a haunted forest. The only good comparison would be Danger’s own tracks.

    [soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/xinobi/xinobi-japanese-original-mix[/soundcloud] Xinobi - Japanese The new addition to the Discotexas family, Lazydisco already gave a special treatment to Xinobi’s “Japanese”. His remix has a more hypnotic, less linear and more cyclic feel. It’s like the original on acid. Should call it “lost in the forest remix”. Without a doubt, the Lazydisco is a perfect rework of the original: it sounds the same but for most of us, it’s hard to spot the exact same features. Of course, there are obvious reasons but these two tracks give the impression that they belong together on a deeper level, maybe on a Miyazaki movie soundtrack. So the interesting sameness and interesting differences should be enough to make this new record a must-buy. Out on Beatport and stuff on the 17th of September. [soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/lazydisco/xinobi-japanese-lazydisco-remix[/soundcloud] Xinobi - Japanese (Lazydisco remix)