1. 15:37 8th Sep 2010

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    Tensnake & Treasure Fingers

    So Tensnake has been rocking through Brandon’s posts, and I guessed now that we received a Treasure Fingers remix of “Coma Cat”, it’s time I joined and jumped on the bandwagon. Since summer’s dying, it’s nice to have these tracks that get you ready for club season. Treasure Fingers added some extra disco and pumping to the original tropico-balearia. The main keys are still there but it feels more like a club track than a beach track now. Enjoy another great Treasure Fingers rework. They have so many cool tracks and remixes that I can’t even begin to list it (previous posts). The “Coma Cat” release is out today, you can buy it here.

    At the moment there’s no embed on Soundcloud. In the meantime, just click through the link to the Treasure Fingers’ page.


    Tensnake - Coma Cat (Treasure Fingers remix)

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