❄ Winter Update! ❄ 8 NEW PETS! 🐺 Adopt Me! on Roblox

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Ho, ho, ho, it’s nearly December!! This means the Winter update is landing in Adopt Me with the Advent Calendar, 8 new pets, and brand new minigames TOMORROW (12/1) at:
4PM GMT (search ‘4PM GMT local time’ to find out what time it’ll be for you!)

Adopt Me! on Roblox
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25 thoughts on “❄ Winter Update! ❄ 8 NEW PETS! 🐺 Adopt Me! on Roblox”

  1. Which minigame are you most excited to play?❄ The Adopt Me team have been really enjoying the Ice Pet Rescue!! ❄ Anyone want to guess what's behind door number 25? 🎁 It's a good one ✨ – Dalia

    Qué minijuego te hace más ilusión jugar? ❄ ¡El equipo de Adóptame ha disfrutado mucho con el Rescate de Mascotas de Hielo! ❄ ¿Alguien quiere adivinar qué hay detrás de la puerta número 25? 🎁 Es una buena ✨ – Dalia

  2. Hi adopt me I got scammed a few times and I have proof my YT is basically about people being scammed and the scammers caught “in the 4k” please help I just got scammed out of my red panda :((

  3. Lower the prices of the things!
    My opinion : (Gingerbread)
    Puffin : 8k
    Ice Leopard : 3.5k
    Husky : 4k
    Toys : 600-350
    Ice Golem : 750R
    Walrus Box : 1.5k
    My opinion, just what I think

  4. Adopt me, I am really sorry to say this, but I am thinking of quitting adopt me because the winter pets are sooo costly and we get only a little bit of gingerbreads from the minigames

  5. Golden Days Of Victoria And Louis

    I really wanna quit adopt me coz the prize is still really high
    Atleast make the husky 30k gingerbread coz this ain't fair
    Adopt me 😕
    I've been a player for almost 2 years now but has never been so disappointed 😞
    Pls reduce the rates 🥺

  6. Can u change the prises of more of the winter pets cus its taking me extremly long to get the pets i have only got the husky pet even thoigh i had been playing since the update started

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