2022 Roblox Trading Guide

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22 thoughts on “2022 Roblox Trading Guide”

  1. Hey, highly I’ve been a fan of you since 20k. And am taking inspiration from you to start doing commensions and trade, the highest thing I ever had was the adurite antlers for 12k, and I was really proud of it. But that was back then before I got banned. I stopped playing Roblox and came back in december because I got a Roblox arsenal toy. I haven’t been able to get robux because there is no gift cards near me. And my dad doesn’t trust websites with his credit card info, I was just wondering if you could donate like 50 robux to me, so I can get a fresh look. Am in Egypt currently and am planning to go back to America in mid February, thank you.

    edit: I don’t have a pc here I only have one in America, and I was also wondering if you can find a way for mobile players to earn robux?

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