Is JADE HAMMER Better Than VOID REGENT.. (Roblox bedwars)

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In Today’s Video, ItsMatty and I try to ANSWER one question. Is JADE HAMMER Better Than VOID REGENT In roblox bedwars. Make sure you watch the whole video to find out.

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24 thoughts on “Is JADE HAMMER Better Than VOID REGENT.. (Roblox bedwars)”

  1. I think jade is a bit better. The void regent is basically a cosmetic upgrade from the jade kit. And the void regent actually cost robux and jade is from free battle pass

  2. I tested jade and regent 4 times already. They have same range, cool down, and same speed using hammer. Regent is used for attacking and healing. Jade is used for launching people in they air. Jade hammer is kinda useless if you don't know how to use it properly. Jade hammer launches them but they take no fall damage, and sometimes you have a disadvantage with jade they can be launched up to a roof or tower which making you have to use blocks and go up and attack. But for spending money, regent is in a bundle which has cosmetics. And jade is in the free battle pass in season 1. The bundle is 1,499 because if you get 3 kits all 3 equal to 1,197 robux each kit is 399 like regular kits. Then the other items are 302 robux in total. If you have 2-3 of the kits included in the bundle, then you should not buy it. But it is an opportunity to get jade if you don't have it. I say you choose how to spend your money, I say they both need skill, you choose the kits you like I am not forcing you to use regent or jade you choose what's best for you. Case dismissed.

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