*NEW* PIGGY CHAPTER 12 MR.BULL SKIN!? (Roblox Piggy Reveal)

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*NEW* PIGGY CHAPTER 12 MR.BULL SKIN!? (Roblox Piggy Reveal)
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Today I will be Playing a game called ROBLOX PIGGY and going over the new SKIN Reveal leak for Chapter 12 called MR.BULL by TenousFlea. Thanks for watching! Remember to Subscribe for more Roblox.

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25 thoughts on “*NEW* PIGGY CHAPTER 12 MR.BULL SKIN!? (Roblox Piggy Reveal)”

  1. Make sure to watch the video until the End! What are your thoughts on this Skin? Thanks for watching!!

    Remember to Subscribe for more! and also a big shoutout to everyone that uses ⭐CODE: "BIGB2" 🙂 to support me!! <3

  2. I think Bunny will be in chapter 12 because all of them are robots even though Mr.p gave them a potion to the robots so they can make m.r P rich because m.r p is the broke,then he will not have any more money even though Mr. P is evil he asked us to go in the building to save Bunny but he’s actually a robot that’s why he made potion he thought it will work but it didn’t Mr. P is so lying because if he go outside and he will see his robots like everywhere.

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