this roblox dev SCAMMED players then DISAPPEARED

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this roblox dev SCAMMED players then DISAPPEARED

his roblox player DISAPPEARED

hope you guys enjoy this story type of video just wanted to try out something new on the channel.

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25 thoughts on “this roblox dev SCAMMED players then DISAPPEARED”

  1. this is a story video not news or drama.
    i told the story from countless discord members who told me about the problems and showed proof of the situation.

    i am not calling the owner a full on scammer. but he knows the game is broken and said he would not refund people. without fixing the problem. so he kept peoples money and did nothing to fix it just ignored it. thats a scam.

    my only goal is to get the dev to fix the problem

    sorry for no uploads for 4 days. been trying just had some problems with youtube.

  2. Makes me think, what if it was just a glitch with the data store? This man couldn't fix The problem, or couldn't give back The robux/Hammer to everyone who had it, so to avoid his life being ruined, he just vanished.

  3. Wow I used to play that game with my cousins and siblings back in 2018 like fr I made tons of memories in that game and those bonding with my cousin and siblings playing that game, and not just that but I also loved that game I would donate robux on that game and buy the vip thing its so sad to see it die… but that game till this day it will still have a special place in my heart 🙂

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